Birthday Gift Guide

Gift Guide

As all through April we are celebrating rachelspicks 1st birthday I have decided to do a birthday gift guide. A guide to help you find some cute little pressie’s for all under a £10.


As people are always springing their birthdays on us or we want to give then a little something to celebrate their birthday, we need to find something nice that’s cheap. So it doesn’t break the bank. This is why this post is being written right now because you may have a friend that you want to give a token to or in my situation give them something for their blogs birthday.


Cream cut out heart candle holder £7.00-Debenhams,

Retro Mixed Sweet Bag, 500g £9.00-John Lewis,

 The Hummingbird Bakery Cupcakes and Muffins £5.24- John Lewis,

 Lily-Flame Candle in a Tin, Blush £8.50-John Lewis,

Cath Kidston Wild Flowers Hand Cream Set, 3 x 30ml £6.00-John Lewis,

Blooming Beautiful Set £7.80-LUSH Cosmetics,

Out Of This World Set £6.50-LUSH Cosmetics,

Moustache Winder £5.00-Accessorize,

 Home Grown Print iPhone 4 Cover £10.00-Accessorize,

 Paris With Love Embroidered Notebook £10.00- Accessorize


I love the the retro sweet pack, it’s such as cute and individual gift. You could even make your own with someone one’s favourite sweets in or just a fun exciting mixture. Also it is quite a safe option as most people like sweets and love to be reminded of their childhood favourites! This is something I will be putting on my presents ideas list.


Hope you find this post useful. Even if you don’t buy any of these items it just gives you ideas on what you can get for your money! Happy shopping! I hope they love it!<3







John Lewis-


LUSH Cosmetics-


Love Rachelx


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