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This post is like nothing I have ever done before and I thought it would be really interesting. I have seen so many blogs doing this type of post and I love reading them and discovering new places and shops or brands for me to investigate. Perfect!


On Easter Monday, me along with some of my other family decided to go to a vintage craft fair. I love anything like this, so right up my street! We did not have a clue what it was going to be like because we just looked up “things to do on Easter Monday” in Google. When we got there it was a really big surprise as there was loads of lovely vintagey stalls and some amazing hand crafted pieces. (I really appreciate this as I know people that make things themselves) As I looked around the stalls I noticed this one brand called “The Vintage Experience”. It caught my eye because it had gorgeous vintage clothing and obviously I had to write in on here so the world can know too. After all this is a fashion blog!


Although I am not a big fan of wearing vintage clothing myself I love to look at all the vintage clothing and how people used to dress. This always fascinates me as sometimes you see things that would not be out of fashion now. Like for instance at their stall they had a vintage bomber jacket, and as you know they are in fashion right now, so it just shows that fashions come back around and sometimes you need to hold on to your little treasures. Although don’t become an obsessive clothes hoarder please!!!


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*Photos taken by self and taken from The Vintage Experience Facebook page


A quick post on my new find! Please go and find out more on their Facebook page


Thankyou to The Vinatge Experience team for letting me mention you on here and hopefully my viewers will be visting your Facebook page and your shop soon! <3


Love you lots



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  1. Mel
    24th October 2013 / 7:28 PM

    Hi, thank you so much for doing your blog about us and the shop. Mel

    • 25th October 2013 / 11:28 AM

      Hi That’s ok I think it’s a real unique idea!! Rachelx