Things that are long over due..


Sometimes life catches up on you and you don’t get round to do what you want to. In my case this happens a lot! It seems like there’s not enough hours in the day to do everything, so I have to prioritise. Unfortunately sometimes a post comes second to other things such as homework.


All these things in this post are events that are long overdue and I’m sorry. I hope you not angry with me and just happy that I am doing this post now, even if it is late. So here we go…..


Birthday Trip To London and more

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This trip was instead of a party to celebrate my birthday. We set off around 8.30am  and travelled all the way to where the tube begins. Then we paid around £5.00 to travel into London on the tube. (This was the cheapest way to get us four there and back. It is a great way to go to London but you need a willing driver, lucky for me that was my mum. Also its so much easier and cheaper. The train was going to be around £95 just for travel there and back, but with this option it was a lot cheaper.)


When we arrived in London we visted many places including Picadilly and Covent Garden- shown in some of the pictures above. We used the tube ticket that could take us anywhere and it was fabulous and so easy for us all to get around. When we first decided to go we said that, we can not go to London without watching a show. But we looked online and the only tickets for under £60 had a restricted view- we wanted to see Wicked- so we decided we would buy the tickets in London when we first got there. When we arrived at the first of our tube stops we saw a place selling tickets(all legal and it was one that was there permanently!) So we asked the man and we got amazing tickets on the balcony for £50 a ticket – bargain! So we bought them.


The show was amazing! If you ever think of going to see it, don’t hesitate, its really good and perfect if you have seen the wizard of oz. All the actors were amazing and the scenery was too, I loved it.


Finally we went shopping so that I could use money and vouchers I had. This was the most remember able time. The fact it was around 6-7pm and the shops were buzzing. Everyone was having a good time and I loved the fact that it was dark and people were shopping like it was daytime. This is when my love for London began!


Clothes Show Live

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Although I had been to the Clothes Show  before with my mum I had never been with a group and this time it was with a group of friends and all girls from my school. This was a girly day to spend shopping and have fun and have lookey at some of the lastest trends. It is so good and if you wonder whether to go, do go please!! It is perfect for anyone who likes shoes, bags, clothes, fashion, beauty, models and so much more……(well that’s most girls)


With every ticket you get a pass to go to watch the catwalk show, for me this is the best bit of the whole day! Each year the catwalk show has a different them and they base everything around this theme. Last years- December- was a day in the life of a fashion model. It contained everything from casting to a shoot and a award show to the after party. The models walk the catwalks with trends based on the scene and there is all so dancers, they are amazing and they nearly always do one really amazing dance in a couple.


The show is also good if you like dance. You can also go to a dance show and there are various classes to join with, only if you want of course. Also there is a lot of dance wear stalls such as Pineapple Dance. So you can get some new dance stuff too for the new year. It is perfect for getting cheap chrimo presents and they also have discounts on things such as Ice watches and jewellery. You need a lot of spending money!


It finally happened and a post on an event will be up very soon!

Bye lovies



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