What a year…………..

For starters….

I would like to start 0f by saying “Happy 1st Birthday rachelspick”. So many things have happened this year and to celebrate the fact that I have been in the blogging community for a year and 1 day. I have loved it so much and it has gone so quick. I want to say thank you so much for everyone who has supported rachelspick such as followers, liker’s, visitors and my friends. It would be nothing without you. I feel so proud of my little piece on the internet dedicated to my passion in life. I have been so amazed that my fashion knowledge has been so popular and I love the fact that I have not stopped learning, when your a blogger you never do. It’s so amazing( sorry couldn’t think of another word) that I can go to one place or read one thing and it inspires me to write a post and then people worldwide can read it and know. It feels like I have so many friends, even though I have not met you and don’t always know who your name, your there and you read my blog! Thankyou!!



What has happened so far…

So much has happened over the past year and as you don’t see my stats and know what goes on in rachelspick world everyday I thought I would give you an incite to what has really happened in the last year.


Reached 634 followers

This is one of the most amazing things I feel. I mean come on for a blog only a year old it’s done very well with reaching this many followers. Thank you if you are a follower and if you do want to follow rachelspick then just look to the right of this post and insert your email and hit the follow button! You will not regret it.


Had 5,063 views

This is also amazing and to think that this many people have visited and seen what I have to say on the lastest fashion trends. This is a figure I am so proud of and i’m hopping to see the 10000 , 2,0000 and even 30000 numbers. But only you can make that happen. Thank you to all my visitors.


Written 230 posts

After this post 231 posts. This month is going to be a great month and I am hoping to write soooooo many more. I am falling in love with writing posts, and being able to write whatever I want and people like it and see. Perfect! Also the fact that I writing a more variety of posts including some crafty and beauty posts, please let me know if you would like anything else like these.


Created a Youtube channel

This was something I got begged about and something that personally really wanted to do. Although it takes so much confidence and I am slowly trying to film more videos, as I only have two at the moment. But I am in progress of re-designing my channel and I can guarantee a video very soon, Look out for that! Iwhy don’t you have a visit and maybe subscribe…… www.youtube.com/user/rachelspick


Had a challenge

I mean by this as in I have created two challenge posts and have both been very successful and popular by readers. Thankyou. I have decided these posts will be monthy and under the title Stylist Challenge. I hope you like the new one that will be put up very soon and continue to like them. If you would like to read the other two challenges then click these link’s…….. Internet Traul: rachelspick.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/stylist-challenge-internet-traul/ #Show Me Your Wardrobe: rachelspick.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/stylist-challenge-show-me-your-warbrobe/



To Celebrate!!!

To celebrate all this month I will be creating special posts and all the posts will have a special cake logo on to celebrate this event. Thankyou to everyone and say Happy Birthday to your favourite fashion blog!



Thankyou to everyone! See ya soonie



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