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Nearly every girl is obsessed with their appearance in some way. Whether its there not pretty enough, not skinny enough, too fat, too big nose, hairs too curly. The list is endless! But one of the main things a girl worries about is there skin. The fact that they may have one tiny spot on their chin that you can hardly see or having a face full of acne. Its always hard for a girl, especially when they wear make up.


So this post is to help all girls with skin problems and give you ideas and advice on how I personally try to keep my skin clear and healthy. I want to spread my knowledge on what works best for my skin type and simple things that can help you avoid spots and create a clear face.


What do I need?

When your looking for your skin to be spotless, soft and completely blemish free, you go into boots or superdrug and look at all the products before you and what they promise, and think I do not have a clue what to pick!! Then you buy something and you realize that I does not work for you at all and then that’s £5 own the drain for something that does not even work!!! I have this dilemma often!!! So instead of just repeating this all the time you go to buy a new skin product, I want to tell you things that actually work and things you need to achieve flawless skin!!

1. Any type of toner- Toner helps you skin have one tone all across your face and this helps with your makeup application a lot!


2. A cleanser- This cleanses your skin and removes dead skin cells. It also prepares the skin for the application of toner. You can get a cleanser and toner in one, this is good if you do not have much time in the morning.


3. A moisturiser- This helps seel you skin after you skin routine and helps set makeup onto your skin. This also makes your skin super soft but can make your skin too greasy if you get the wrong one.


4. A face wash that suits your skin type- This can make or break your skin. This can prevent break outs and create a clear complexion if you get it right. Or can create blochy skin and a horrible red-ness. This is the key item!!


5. A face mask- This is a treatment for your skin that you apply to it once or twice a week. This gives your skin a treat and this is a key thing, but you need to get it right!

What I use?


I use three because my oily skin is prone to getting use to products quickly and then rejects it. I use a simple face wash- as I have quite sensitive skin and when I do not have many spots or feel as though I have worn a lot of make up I use this one. It was around £2.99 and a good buy to keep in the cupboard and use once or twice a week. I also use two Neutrogena products- one a grapefruit wash with tiny bits in to remove dead skin cells. I find Neutrogena products very good and quite cheap, this one was about £3.99. I also use a 2-in-1 face wash from Neutrogena. This is a face wash and a face mask. It opens your pores and prevents spots. It was also a good price, around £3.99.


Cleanser and Toner

I use a two-in-one cleanser and toner, this is just for quickness. This is perfect for removing dead skin cells and preventing yellowness to the skin. The one I use is a Murad product and I got it free with a magazine subscription. This product has lasted so long and when it is finished, I am definetly going to re-purchase it. It is around £15-£20 I think, you would have to check that one out.



I only use one and I absolutely love it. I use a Simple one and it is perfect for my sensitive skin and is really good for my skin type. I always apply it before my make-up and it is a great base. This is a great buy and makes you skin feel fresh and leaves it soft and glowing. It was around £2.99, perfect and lasts a long time.


Face Mask

I tend to stay away from packet face masks and invest in a good container one that you can use more and is good for my skin type. I use one I got from glossybox January and its amazing. You use it once or twice a week after cleansing and toning, for around 10-15 minutes. I use a MONU one and I think its around £25.00 for a 50-100ml bottle. Quite pricey but good.

Skin rules

  • Always wash your makeup of before you go to bed.

  • Try to avoid getting stressed as it can cause breakouts.

  • Drink plenty of water as your skin can get de-hydrated quickly and this can cause breakouts too.

  • Always wash your makeup brushes regulary to get rid of bacteria.

  • Always wash your hands before applying your skin routine, so you are not apply things with bacteria and dirt on your hands.

I hope this is helpful!Lovies!

Love Rachelxx


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