Girl Problems- #Boys


This post is for boys and girls. This post is to help boys understand girls and how they see relationships and for girls to help them understand boys!


Girls are complicated characters and although they may seem hard on the exterior they are really emotional people. They don’t take relationships as a joke and talk to their friends about everything. If you ever want to ask a girl out or find out if they like you, just ask their best friend/s and they will soon let you know.


Many girls are often shy. They might really like you but really scared of rejection or to talk to you. Let the girl know you like her, girls always look for evidence that a boy likes them, whether its a stare across the classroom, random convosations. Girls get excited when you do something and give them intention, get nervous when you talk to them or try to ask them out.


Girls often make up a code word for their crush which only their friends know. Normally boys get really confused about this and wonder whats going on. Don’t, its normally you! Relax, she probably does like you!



Boys are like elastic bands, they like to be close for a while then far away. The main thing with this is you need to let them. Both you and them need space on their own and time with their friends.


When a boy texts you and you don’t text them straight back they often panic. Girls have to consult things with their friends so don’t worry boys when this happens.


They often show no emotion because they feel like it makes they strong and manly to be like this. But boys show some emotion because girls often find it hard to read you and know what your feeling, such as if you like her.


Hope this has helped you!

Love Rachelxx


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