Girl Problems- #Wearing Your Hair Up

Wearing your hair up

Every girl gets stuck in a hair rut(I know I do). What I mean by this is that you just keep to what you know and don’t experiment with your hair. This can make you feel really uninspired and you never try something new. After a while though, personally, I get sick of being in the rut and decide that I need to try something new. So I search in google images, look on blog posts and look on Pinterest(A website you need to visit if you want to be inspired, I’ll put a link below for the post I did about it, below).

After this I usually go upstairs and sit at my dressing table with all my hair things out and have a picture or two, of things I want to try. With this I set to work trying to recreate it or follow the instructions if there is any. I normally try both and the next day, often have my hair either one or the other at school.

Your hair always makes your mood. If you have nice hair you will feel better within your self and it always encourages me to try to be more experimental with makeup. Your hair to a girl is everything and something that you have complete control of. This quote is a great representation of this “I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser.” ― Joan Crawford

Learn to love your hair

How to get out of a wearing your hair up hairstyle rut

1. Find a picture or a tutorial of a hairstyle that you really like and would like to try your self.

2. Try it first. This hairstyle may not suit you and at least when you are at home only you can see it whether it goes right or wrong.

3. Browse pictures and blog posts to help you with hair styles for you hair. such as for long hair.

4. Always carry plenty of grips and hairspray when trying a new up do. The first time you do it and wear it out it may need more hold and help that you thought.

Why don’t you start with this hairstyle?


Hope this has helped you

Love Rachelxx

Ps: Pinterest post

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