Stylist Challenge- Internet Traul

Internet Traul

This post is another interactive post, but this time you can stay completely behind the camera and hop into the internet. This challenge is a bit of online window shopping to find the cheapest price for certain items. So hopefully you will all be able to join in and also enjoy a bit of online shopping your selves while having fun and completing a challenge.



What exactly is the internet traul?

All you need is a computer, some time on your hands and a love for shopping, and maybe a box of chocolates too. You just need to be a good reader so you know exactly what I want you to do and that’s it.


This challenge is to help everyone find the best fashion bargains possible. But we can not do it alone. You need to get on board and make a blog post, a comment, a tweet to me or a status/message update on Facebook. All of my people need to come together, together we can dress the nation on a budget to die for. Even maybe a bit left over for a box of celebrations. YUM!


How to enter….

If you would like to play along on your own blog (here’s where the interactive bit comes into play), feel free to take the image above and link it back so that your readers can take part too. Then, show me what you have found. If you want to write a little bit about where your findings are from go for it but make sure you add the price too. If you want to just use my image and a picture of your findings, then that’s fine. This is all just for fun. Leave a link below so we can all discover you and your blog and be a stylist challenge community!


This week’s challenge is a designer addition


Find the cheapest pair of Brown classic ugg boots and the cheapest pair of any colour adults shoe converse.

You have until next sunday.


Have fun huns

Love Rachelxx


P.S: The results


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