February/March Resolutions


I know that this post is late and that most people make new year resolutions in January, but I have only just decided on mine. I decided to share this with you because you may have this habit or problem and this post may help you, or just that you know what my resolutions are for the next couple of months.


Normally most people would count down the seconds until twelve. Crack open the champagne and celebrate 2013. Make their new years resolutions and never stick to them. But I feel by evaluating what 2013 has already been like and what I have to look forward in to in 2013 that I can now set mine.



My February/march resolutions

1. Stop biting my nails.

After biting my nails for so many years and seeing all the amazing nail design that you can do I decided that I needed to give up this habit. My nails always look horrible and I really want to be able to paint my nails in the summer and make them look nice.

Biting your nails can be very  common and so many people find it hard to stop it. But I hope I can?


Tips to stop

  • Challenge yourself: How many hours can you go without taking a bite? When you break a previous record, get yourself a treat. Then see: Can you go a day? Three days? A week? Two weeks?

  • Let white spots grow out gently. They are caused by blows or stress to the nail.

  • Try keeping an “egg” of Silly Putty with you. It is fun to play with and it occupies your hands during biting-prone times like while watching movies or television or sitting in class. Or you can try keeping a quarter or other coin in your pocket, and play with it when you feel the urge to bite your nails. Plus, these don’t involve eating or chewing on anything, so they will help break the habit of oral fixation.

  • You can chew gum as it will be keeping your mouth busy, and therefore, not biting your nails.

  • Clean, manicured nails will be such an improvement to your self-esteem. You’ll see.

  • To keep you motivated, or remind you how bad your nails used to look, you can record your progress in a notebook or photo album. Take “before and after” photos of your nails and put them in the book to keep you motivated. Recognizing that it usually takes three weeks to grow nails half a centimeter, chart out in the book how long you want your nails to be by a certain date.

  • Get your friend to paint your nails. You wouldn’t want to bite them because your friend did it.

2.Stop bending my fingers back

This is a habit that I am really bad at that has bad concequences. It was cause artharitus and its really bad for your joints. But if you stop early it you should be fine.


3. Use Instagram more

I love Instagram and love using it but I never seem to use it that much. I use Instagram on my I-Pod touch and the camera is not very good so I tend not to use it that much, even though I like the post that people do e,g Instagram diary.


4. Vary my blog posts.

I love writing posts but sometimes I feel really un inspired and often get in a post rut. So I want to give you all a bigger range of posts to read and not just the same style. I would like to feature more crafty posts and some baking posts. What do you think?

Hope you find this useful xx

Much Loves



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