How to – Movember

Go all moustache! November is moustache growing month, and any man can grow a moustache for charity during this time. Over the month men will grow a moustache, get people to sponsor them and at the end of the month send the money to Movember and Sons for them to mainly give to men’s health programme’s . During this month you can also donate (but you don’t have to grow a moustache). Many companies have made special products to celebrate this, including HP sauce, who have created there own bottle with a moustache on and Links London have created a bracelet, charm and cufflinks that has silver moustaches on. So this month unite and celebrate Movember whether it’s growing one or buying things to sponsor this event, it doesn’t matter! Here’s some things I think would rock this unique trend.

Moustache Clip Page Markers £1.99

Pink Moustache Topper Pencil £2.50

Classic Notable Moustache Set £4.99

Black Moustache Double Ring £3.50

White Moustache T-Shirt £7.99

Grey and White Stripe Moustache Print Socks £1.99

Misumi White Top Hat Moustache Vest £9.99

White Love Moustache T-Shirt £7.99

Fred Handlebar Moustache Corkscrew £8.99

Moustache Print Wallet £6.99

Movember Charm £45.00

Moustache Zip Purse £8.00

Moustaches Tee By Tee And Cake £20.00


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