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Converse are one of the most well known and popular shoe brand! There’s so many colours and styles, from sort trainer ones to boot style ones. Since I bought mine I have worn them with nearly every outfit, they’re so diverse. Being white they go with everything and just wearing a pair of trainer socks underneath means your feet never get hot whether in summer or winter. I have seen so many people in them recently and I think they’re coming back round, with the relaxed leggings, big jumper and long top look, also perfect with vans. These are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn and I would definitely by another pair! Hopefully you can have some to with these simple steps!


1. Always know your shoe size and have a spare pair of socks with you!

2. Do your research! Look on-line at the Converse and other stockists websites, then you can get an idea of price and what type of converse you would like. There also maybe reviews so always check these out as they might help you make a decision on your pair of Converse!

3. Design your own! On the Converse website they have a new feature where you can design your own pair of converse based on one style of shoe. So you can choose from a range of patterns and colours to pictures on them, it’s totally up to you.

4. Look around! Although you may think that all converse can be the same price, they’re not! Many shops vary in prices on converse, so check out whether the style you want are in the sale. Also it’s good to visit outlet stores as you may get special deals that are one off’s and you won’t get the price anywhere else. If this is the case then buy them straight away as you never know, the next person that comes in may want exactly the same as you! When there’s a bargain don’t mess around just buy it!

 5.  Always try on both shoes! Make sure you try on both the shoes as many people have one foot bigger than the other, an this is really annoying when inly one shoe fits or fells comfortable.

6. Walk! Can you actually walk in them comfortably? I think your answer will be yes! But before you buy them always walk in them to make sure that  you are comfortable in them and if you need a bigger or smaller shoe size.

7. Check! Check your converse before you buy them. Make sure there are no marks, one lace and any loose thread. If so ask for a discount, the worst they can say is no!


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