Review- Topshop

This is a new thing and I hope you like it.

Reviews are a review on a certain shop or brand of clothing and what in my opinion it is like and if they’re clothes last a long time or not and if they fit well or not,  also a lot of other things like that.

This is my first ever review and i hope you like it.

Topshop is very expensive and i often never go in there because of this. Although it is good quality and sometimes worth the money for the clothes. Topshop is really good for small sizes such as 6 which is not very often seen in cheaper highstreet stores such as New Look.

Topshop has a variety of fashion and is very popular with 14-28 and is also seen on my celebrities especially Tulisa which is known for her street and pretty conbinded together.

Topshop also has its own range of make-up which a lot of highstreet shops don’t have, but overall its really good but not the cheapest make up ever.

Topshop also has its own range of jewellery which although expensive it is really nice and definitely worth the bit of extra money.

They have many nice and unique items and these are just a few of my favourites:

  Image Image


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