New Things Coming Up

Hi Guys feel really bad that I’ve not posted for ages. I’ve been updating the blog so I haven’t had that much time but I just wanted to let you know about some of the new things I’m gonna do on here. I want to post more about my own clothes and not just things from the internet, and I want it to be a lot more personal, so I have decided to start blogging about my favourite items in my wardrobe and my own personal things which is going to be called “Fashion In site” which is all to do with my personal style and what i own. Something else that’s gonna be new is reviews on different shops and brands such as Primark and give you hopefully some good advice and where best to shop, this is going to be called “The Review: (what ever brand)“. I’m also gonna do Hauls and Collective hauls which is when i show you my new additions to my wardrobe and a bit of my older ones. I’s also gonna do how to style stuff such as silk scarves.
I hope you like the sound of the new things and i hope you enjoy them all. Please like and comment if you would like to.
Love Rachel xx

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