Best places for bargains

I thought everyone needs this so i thought i’d do a post about it. I visited many shops lately and have picked out some of my favourite for the best bargains and sales. My first pick is House Of Fraser, here’s the link if you want to go and have  a lookey: . I picked this because it’s an outlet store, it has every thing with massive discount such as Ted Baker, Ice Watches and even Ralph Lauren and Radley. My second pick is New Look Shoe Sales, these are good especially is you have big feet (like me), you can get shoes that should be £30 for £10 and they even come in wide fit, so if you see some shoes you like in new look and you big feet such as 8 and 9 don’t buy them full price but wait till the sales. My third pick is H&M Sales especially the accessories. They have really good sales which you can grab and essential for amazing prices. My Last Choice is Bank. This shop is amazing for really popular brands online or not. You can get nearly every on trend brand at the moment with the pleasure of being able to see the online brands products in the flesh and try them on.


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