Shoe Style Of The Week

This is a new thing and i hope you like it!

This week my favourite shoe style is The Shoe Boot which is seen on many stars such as Rhianna, Pixie Lott and even Victoria Beckam. 



There are three different types of shoe boots such as the Everyday Shoe Boot, Dressy Shoe Boot and just a Shoe Boot.

Shoe boots

Every wardrobe has its foundation pieces, the type of items that will compliment and embellish an outfit or make you really stand out from the crowd. Whether its impact heels you want or comfortable flats, there are shoe boots for every occasion; from faux fur-lined winter warmers to funky evening wear.

Dressy shoe boots

Finest of all shoes, boots look great with any number of styles. A shoe boot happily bridges the divide between work and play, and none other than dressy boots. Team fancy lace ups with cord skirts, skinny jeans or brightly coloured tights or be daring and choose a feisty leopard print style to accompany little black dresses.

Everyday shoe boots

Shoe Boots are ultra versatile and it’s a good idea to opt for a classic style and shape for everyday or weekend wear. Military style is always in and on the New Look website you can find parka coats, funnel-necked tops and double-breasted jackets that a classic shoe boot will beautifully compliment.


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